reuse + upcycle


since  we believe in clean living all the way around, we ask that you repurpose your vessels as much as possible. we have intentionally designed our candles with simple, elegant lines and without cluttered or distracting labels, so after you have finished burning them, you can continue to use them without adding more waste to the planet.

our favorite way to clean them is to simply put them in the oven on the lowest heat (ours is set to 170F) for a couple of minutes.  be careful when removing them, the vessels may be hot! once all of the wax residue is clear, you can easily pour the leftover wax out and remove the wicks and wick stickers carefully (please do not use sharp objects such as knives or scissors). you may wipe them clean with a towel. after, clean with alcohol, hand wash, or even put them in the top rack of a dishwasher.


here are a couple great ways to repurpose your vessels! if you have great ideas feel free to share, we’d love to see your rebel.


1 – flower vase

add some flowers, fresh or dry!

2 – sponge / kitchen scrub holder

reuse colorful vessels to store kitchen cleaners in like dish scrubbers + sponges

3 – makeup brush holder

hold your makeup brushes in a really cute + accessible way, keeping them clean and away from bacteria

 4 – kitchen storage

keep everyday essentials like coffee beans, quinoa, rice, or nut in clear vessels and seal it with a silver lid for fresh take on kitchen storage!

5 – pencil / pen holder

give your pens a sleek place to live in. a chic vessel like our shugah vessel will do the trick.

6 – piggy bank

store coins in a diy piggy bank by pairing a unicorn vessel + silver diffuser lid.

the candle experience

why does my candle look funky when it dries?


don’t be alarmed, all natural soy wax can be temperamental. you may experience rough or bumpy tops after your candle dries. this is caused from the soy wax cooling at an inconsistent rate.

you may also notice a sink hole. this is due to air bubbles created in the soy wax during manufacturing.

while unsightly, at least you know there haven’t been any toxic additives or paraffin added to your natural soy!


size matters


we all know this is true. {wick} size matters. and although our wicks are made of pure cotton or cherrywood, and are completely lead free, you still need to take care of them for the best experience.

always trim the wick before burning.

this will help ensure a clean burn without excess smoke or carbon and will keep your cotton wick from creating a “mushroom

trimming your wick will also maintain the life of the candle and keep it from burning too hot.


let it burn. let it burn.


this ain’t no usher song. for best practices, only burn your candle a maximum of 4 hours at a time.

your first burn should be as many hours as your vessel is wide. If you have a vessel 3.5 inches wide, then burn for 3.5 hours….but never more than 4.


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