the creators

It’s unclear how, or why, or where, or when r+s was born in entirety, we just know that it took time, and it took many. Some of the details are boring, and some are fascinating. Maybe the story is to come at another time.

Until then, from our family to you….stay lit!

our community

Cliché, maybe. But we would be nothing without you, and them. From the glass blowers to the petal pickers, our mentors (and there are many), the designers, to the boxers, and every hand that was a part of the process. We appreciate every detail along the way, and the art and passion that was poured into each creation. For all of those who invested, we are grateful.

To continually show our gratitude, and the importance we place in community, We have two candles whose proceeds will always go back into the community. If you would like to help us make a difference, please “shop here”